If hair loss can be ascribed to hereditary causes (androgenic alopecia) or if a conclusive type of hair loss is present, growth in bald spots cannot be sustainably stimulated again.

Hair thickening is a patented, non-surgical hair thickening method that enables perfect aesthetic restoration of thinning or balding areas. The method can be used in both a single thinning area and in several affected areas or in the case of extensive baldness. Hair thickening provides the wearer with a high degree of assurance and can be styled completely naturally.

Not in any sense. A wig is a traditional hair piece made of real or synthetic hair. People who wear a wig also always have the same hairstyle – which is neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing.

No. This type of hair thickening is a non-surgical and non-invasive method (does not penetrate the body). It does not cause side effects and is also completely reversible.

Because it is a non-surgical method, there is absolutely no danger of incompatibility or rejection. The membranes that are used have been tasted for compatibility. A patch test is always carried out before thickening the hair. This allows us to individually check for any possible allergic reactions.

Not at all! The thickened hair is attached to a wafer-thin, skin-compatible membrane, which is perfectly adapted to the scalp and cannot harm or irritate it in any way.

Trichology treatment consists of intensive strengthening of the hair roots with essential oils that encourage hair growth.

The procedure generally consists of two steps. The first step involves analysing and then stabilising the scalp. The hair roots are then provided with essential oils to promote blood flow and encourage hair growth.

No, absolutely not. On the contrary, our customers find application very pleasant, particularly the head massage.

We generally only work with essential oils that do not contain any chemicals. We consciously forego the use of medication and chemicals.