Your hair and scalp are unique
and therefore deserve individual treatment.

Countless quack remedies, shampoos, treatments and pills on the market do not provide the help they promise. Furthermore, some of these compounds are even harmful. These standard methods very rarely lead to the desired result. Hair thickening is something that is requested by both genders. Whereas men are very frequently affected by baldness or a receding hairline, women often struggle with hair becoming thinner, which massively reduces self-confidence and significantly changes their image.

The first step is examining your hair and scalp. This analysis is quick and painless. With the aid of a micro camera, we investigate the thinning of your hair and the condition of your scalp. After that we can recommend you the ideal, customised treatment.

Causes and types of hair loss‎

Reasons for hair loss

Hair care during pregnancy

Many women suffer from hair loss due to iron deficiency or hormonal changes during or after pregnancy. The hair structure and scalp of some pregnant women can change so that previously tried-and-tested shampoos make the hair feel different. It then all comes down to the right hair care. We use active substances without chemicals so that you can also prevent hair loss during pregnancy.

Hair loss due to illness

Different illnesses are associated with hair loss, such as thyroid disorders or nutrient deficiencies. Taking some medications or, of course, chemotherapy, also causes hair loss. Haarinstitut will find the right hair therapy for you through an in-depth analysis and diagnosis – there are lots of options.

Age-related hair loss

Men and women alike can be affected by hair loss in old age. Hereditary hypersensitivity of the roots is the most frequent cause for 95 percent of men and 80 percent of women. Furthermore, many women suffer from hair loss at the start of menopause. However, these are no reasons to sacrifice a full and healthy head of hair.

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